Coppola Spa is rather sensitive towards the environment, and its strategy is to strive continuously towards an ever-reducing environmental impact. This commitment is put in practice through investments both in new machines which decrease the environmental impact, and in new systems which allow to decrease the amount of waste; also recycling, re-use and logistics innovations are part of the strategy. As mentioned before, the automated stocking plant is one of the landmarks of the Coppola SpA in reducing its environmental impact.




The plant, with an initial capacity of 250kwp, has now reached a capacity of 850kwp: this guarantees a reduction both in terms of costs and in terms of carbon footprint. The company owns also heath recovery systems which guarantee reductions in terms of biogas usage.



The company implements innovative choices to reduce the quantity of waste disposed of in the traditional way: for example, it recovers packing material from its suppliers and sends them back, and it sells part of its organic waste to the livestock industry.