The process control laboratory has been joined in recent years by a raw material and finished product control laboratory, in order to guarantee internally a high standard of quality. Its analyses range from:

  • Individuation of mycotoxins (aflatoxins, ochratoxins, patulin, nitrates and nitrites) through HLPC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) and Quik Scan;
  • Individuation of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, aluminium and copper) through atomic absorbance;
  • Individuation of phosphorous acid, aluminium fosetyl and residuals through 2 LC-MS machines.

The laboratory is also equipped with machines for microbiological analyses, in order to be able to guarantee that all the set of analyses is carried out under the supervision of the company (real-time control of incoming and outgoing material).

On the other hand, the process control laboratory is functional to analysing the product throughout the different processing stages; it is equipped with different new-generation machines such as: colorimeter, refractometer, pH meter and automatic titrator to guarantee a repeatable and precise analysis.

Specifically, the chemico-physical analyses which are carried out consist of the determination of: the refractometric degree (Brix), the pH values, the consistency index (Bostwick) and the colour and taste. The first three analyses are carried out throughout all the processing steps, starting with raw material reception. The analyses are then carried out in these 4 stages: first processing step, after pasteurization, during mixing, and eventually during the concentration phase.

Last, but not least, the finished product undergoes a colour analysis through the Hunter equipment.

Important parameters for fruits and produce are acidity and ascorbic acid presence, whilst for tomato the measured parameters consist of sugar content and acidity. The laboratory serves also as launching platform for new products. The quality control laboratory manager is also in charge of controlling process parameters such as: pulping machines, sterilization and pasteurization temperatures and the distances between products in the production lines. All the measured parameters are then compiled inside the production and product management software which makes the latter traceable. The laboratory personnel are of course highly qualified and trained; furthermore, the company collaborates with various analyses centres for more sensitive analyses: these are Neutron, Water-life, Analisis, Ssica.

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