The Coppola Spa considers corporate social responsibility as a fundamental part of its business and an index of its performance. The company strategy, its principles and actions are driven by the will to care for the employees, the suppliers, the customers and the community, a will that found its expression in the charity Trame Africane.

The Trame Africane association is a non-profit organization created in 2001 from the will to help the less fortunate populations living in the African continent. The scope of the organization is that of sustaining those communities through practical development proposals, to allow them to be the heart of the change they want to see, rather than spectators due to the conditions imposed by time and space.

The modus operandi of the organization is based on solidarity through education, professional trainings, workshops and healthcare facilities to help people do more for their community. The Coppola Spa has invested 13 years of love, passion and commitment in this project. It is safe to say that for the management, keeping the company running is the only thing more important than sustaining Trame Africane. Trame Africane runs his projects in Africa in 2 areas mainly: in Machaka, Kenya, where everything started with the Machaka Project; in the Democratic Republic of Congo, since 2006, where it runs the Mbulungu Project.

Trame Africane respects and behaves accordingly to the countries’ traditions and culture, proposing cooperative projects so to improve sanitary conditions, create jobs, educate and form professional figures among the young people, and help them secure their future.